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Announcements: The next SEKGA meeting will be held at the Heritage Kiko Showcase in Carrollton, GA on August 2, 2024


 The Southeast Kiko Goat Association has come a long way from its early beginnings as Georgia Meat Goat Producers. The group met several times a year & went to Fort Valley State University for seminars on raising goats.


  We became SEKGA when the AKGA set up regional associations. In 2010 we became an independent association of kiko goat producers. We have members all across the country now. They range from Florida to New York, the Carolinas to Texas! We realized the need for breeders to receive expert education and quality breeding stock. This was the beginning of the SEKGA ROUND-UP SALE. 


 Many thanks to the hard work from Marilyn Seleska, Paul Murphy, Dr. An Pieshel and John Smith for starting our first sale way back when. Here we are today still Rounding-Up and showing all the benefits of the Kiko breed. 


Our goal is to educate and support Kiko goat breeders and to spur our youth into the love of agriculture and Kiko Goats!


 Every sale, we have free goat husbandry seminars on Fridays and many goat producers that have been in the business many years that love to talk goats. On Saturday morning a County Extension agent holds our 4H/FFA Skillathon before the sale. Our youth are put to the test and have a great time together. The winner is awarded a registered Kiko doe donated by a SEKGA member.


We have raffle ticket sales thru Friday & Saturday morning that benefit our Maxwell/SEKGA Agribusiness Scholarship Fund. 


We also have a raffle buck for those looking for a new man in their life!  


You can cruise through the barn picking that perfect goat to put in the pasture, and before you know it's time for the sale, then the real fun begins!         

            COME ROUND-UP WITH US!!!

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