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    The Southeast Kiko Goat Association has come a long way from its early beginnings as the GA Meat Goat Producers. The group met several times a year and went to Ft Valley State University for seminars on raising goats.

   We became the SEKGA when the AKGA set up regional associations. When we drifted away from the AKGA in 2010, we remained known as the SEKGA but became an independent association of Kiko goat producers. We no longer have members only in the Southeast, but are spread from the Carolinas to California and Texas to New York.


Our goal is to help and support goat breeders and to inform them of the benefits of the Kiko breed!

    We realized the need for breeders to get expert information and quality breeding stock, so this was the beginning of our SEKGA Round Up and Sale. It was a lot of hard work, but thanks to Paul Murphy, Dr. An Pieshel, and John Smith for helping me put it together, we had a great event. Here we are ten years later with our anniversary sale this year.


    Since our goal is to help goat breeders, in 2013 we added a second Round Up and sale in Hattiesburg, MS. Dewayne Smith was instrumental in getting that event started. He was very insistent about getting the information and the Kiko breeding stock to the people in Southern MS. Every year, at both of these sale events we have a skill-a-thon for the young attendees, giving away a donated doeling to the winner of the event. We also have a give away Kiko buck that everyone can sign up to win.  


 As we kept growing, we decided to have a member give back. We gave every member family a $50 voucher toward registering their animals, in an effort to help them improve their herd and work toward Parentage Verified animals. We gave out a total of $2,800 with this event. Shortly after the give back we worked on lowering the price of microchips. At the time, we were paying $10 per microchip, which was way too expensive. We located a less expensive distributor and since we can now afford to buy in a large quantity, we got an even lower price. We offer microchips at a discount to all of our members, which is the same price we pay for them. 


Marilyn Seleska

SEKGA President.