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10th Anniversary

Round-Up and Sale Recap

Georgia National Fairgrounds

New South Arena

Perry, GA

June 21st & 22nd

The Southeast Kiko Goat Association had its 10th Anniversary Sale on June 21 & 22, 2019. It’s hard to believe it's been ten years since we started our Field Day and Round Up Sale. The weather was hot, but not unbearable, which made it more pleasant for both the two-legged and four-legged attendees. I remember our first sale, the temperatures climbed over 100 degrees and we were miserable. We were much more comfortable this time.

We had some terrific speakers including Dr. Pinkerton and Stefanie Oppenheim from UC Davis. Thank you to all for helping both the old and new goat breeders gain more knowledge about raising goats.


The food was great. There was a variety of dishes prepared by several of the folks for lunch on Friday, and then goat meat lasagna was served on Saturday, with of course, Georgia grown watermelon. Thanks to all who helped out.

The sale was very interesting. There was something there for everyone and it sure was a buyer’s market.  Of the 112 lots in the catalog, there were 14 scratches and 9 no sales, leaving 89 lots sold for a total of $61,500. The breakdown is as follows:


72 100% sold for $54,860 for an average of $762

6    Purebred sold for $2625 for an average of $438

4    percentage sold for $1150 for an average of $288

4    Bucks sold for $1500 for an average of $375

3    lots of semen sold for $1375

There was a tie for the high selling doe. Lot # 1 sold for $1800 and was a 17 month old daughter of YKF Renegades Stormy and Granddaughter of SAF Springs The Duke. She was purchased by Willie Clement of Clement Kikos in Wray, GA. The owners were Bob and Marilyn Seleska of Spring Acres Farm in Quitman, GA.


Sellers: Bob an Marilyn Seleska   Buyer: Willie Clement fom Clement Kikos in Wray, GA. (not in photo)


Seller: Phillip Wilborn   Buyer: Rich Davis from Pleasant Ridge Goats in Carrolton, GA.

Lot # 77 also sold for $1800 and was a 17 month old daughter of CLP Pale Rider and TLF Nyx. She was purchased by Rich Davis of Pleasant Ridge Goats in Carrollton, GA. The owners were Phillip and Lynn Wilborn of Just Kiddin’ Caprines of Langston, AL.


The high selling buck was Lot # 85 and sold for $600. He was an 18 month old son of TMK Machos Black Guy and SAF Springs Spotty Baby, daughter of CPK John Wayne. He was purchased by Suzy Jones of Happy J Farm in La Grange, GA. The owners were Bob and Marilyn Seleska of Spring Acres Farm in Quitman, GA.



Sellers: Bob an Marilyn Seleska   Buyer: Suzy Jones from Happy J Farm in LaGrange, GA.

There were 63 buyer’s numbers given out, with 39 buyers from nine states purchasing goats. The state with the most purchases was GA with 21 purchasers, followed by FL with 7 purchasing animals. There was a tie for the most animals purchased. Both Darryl Byrd from Richton, MS and John Reid from Ft Valley, GA purchased 6 animals each.

The Giveaway buck was won by Cheryl Chancey of ALS Kikos in Willacoochee, GA. He was donated by Wayne and Cindy Forshee of Cinway Farms in Reynolds, GA.



The Skill-a-thon for school kids took place Saturday morning. The winners were:


1st place Kaitlyn Mobley

2nd place Cole Smyth

3rd place Jarrett Hancock


The 1st place winner received a purebred doe donated by Bob and Marilyn Seleska of Spring Acres Farm in Quitman, GA.



(SEKGA VP) Anne Gerrish, 1st Place: Kaitlyn Mobley, 2nd Place: Cole Smyth, 3rd Place: Jarrett Hancock

This year we decided to have a Silent Auction instead of the usual Fun Auction. There were many beautiful handcrafted items. We had wooden bowls and cutting boards, cloth totes and canned goods and an array of very interesting items. We raised over $650 for our scholarship fund.


This year the SEKGA awarded a $3000 scholarship to John Benjamin Hancock. He is the son of John and Lori Hancock, and the Grandson of Jerry and Pat Hancock. We hope this will help in financing his college education, and we wish him all the best in his endeavors.


All in all the Round Up and Sale was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed the seminars, food, great animals, and just sitting and talking with friends. Now it is time to start planning the next one….keep an eye open for the SEKGA 2020 sale dates.


Marilyn Seleska

SEKGA President

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