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J & L Kikos

Located in Clyo, Georgia, J & L Kikos, owned and operated by Lori and Tim Hood specialized in Commercial, Purebred, and New Zealand Kikos raised on pasture in south Georgia.


Heritage Kiko Showcase

This premium Kiko event will be a showcase of the traits that make this breed great.  The fourth annual sale will be August 4th & 5th 2022, in Carrollton, GA. Pleasant Ridge GoatsJ&L Kikos, and Headden’s Kikos are the host farms.  We will be providing free instruction lectures on a variety of topics. As always, many of the country’s top Kiko goat breeders will be in the barn, ready to answer any questions you have and always ready to “talk goats!”


National Kiko Registry

The National Kiko Registry was created to give Kiko breeders of every size and management style the opportunity to register and track their genetics through an independent, professionally run livestock registry. With this in mind, the National Kiko Registry is poised to move the Kiko industry into the future.

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Goat Rancher 

Goat Rancher magazine has been serving the meat goat industry for more than a quarter-century. The monthly magazine provides news of upcoming events, reports on major production sales, producer profiles and fun features like goat meat cuisine (cabrito) and family goat photos. Our monthly columnists answer questions and offer helpful advice each issue on health matters, marketing, herd management and much more. 

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